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  1. anyone there in 69? this musical happening changed the lives and culture of music as we knew it. please send me an e-mail. would love to chat with anyone who experieced in first hand. I,m an old drummer from back in the day when music and song writing actualy meant something. I am from Tulsa Oklahoma and have played with the likes of Leon Russell, Bob Segar (Roger T Garden drummer for Segar. Lynard Skynard (Steve and Casey Gains from Tulsa ) before the plane crash that took there lives. joe Cocker, Eric ClAptonwith (Marcy Levy another Tulsa native). If your ever in Tulsa and want to see and experience an historic musical venue, try the timeless honky tonk the Cains Bailroom. its on the national historical regester for histor sites. Allot of exellent tallent in Oklahoma. Country music artist abound in Oklahoma.

    • Mark Theriot says

      Drummer brother, I was also a drummer from 1961 to today & I was 18 when i went to the fest, I went with a few friends that were also musicians & we arrived there 3 days early so we walked around & got to meet Michael Lang…Since we all had eqperounce with the equement & they were short handed for stage members & crew we were asked to work the stage,, I can tell you it was a week i will never forget !

    • Brad,
      I am steve ray green. Born in Tulsa. Went to school in Afton with Gary Gaines-Steve’s cousin only Steve lived/attended high school in Miami, Ok. As a child I lived on Pine not 3 blocks from Leon Russels house. ( behind the cemetery with the big brass elk.) Did jam w/Russel out at the Disney spill way and several times at his estate on the east side of the dam. But these were free style jams w/anyone welcome. The forerunner of the rave I guess. Not an organized gig.

      Have been a rocker/country/jazz musician all my life. Have played the Caine’s ballroom down by the tracks. now of course I-244. My music website is http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/steveraygreen if you’d like to check out my latest songs. I’m recording alone on home pc w/only my twelve string. Could sure use a hand if you’re interested.

      On that week in August of 69 I was at another festival. This one took place all that week located about 12 miles from Cambodia. We got hit nearly every night. On the 17th while Jimmi was playing the rocket version of the star spangled banner I was finding out first hand what comes at the end of the rockets red glare. It was about 2:am viet nam time so probably while Jimmi was on stage. below I am posting a msg. from The wall-usa viet nam memorial in dated August 17th, 1969. This was a week I will never forget. I love Jimmi. Most of the groups there. But got to say listening to country joe mocking us w/hey what are we fighting for ???knowing that was EXACTLY when my friends were being killed. Another friend died on 11 Aug. His name was Sam Small jr. He’s on panel 19w line 5 of the wall. He was burned alive in front of me. As I said, love (most) the music of Woodstock.
      But they should have left out all that jumping up and down on our coffins & still had a great time. ftr? History shows the protestors did not END viet nam but caused it to be extended four years. That comes to 4000 more stories like the 2 I just told you about.

      steve green
      served together
      452303, e., 270, rd., afton, ok., 74331, usa
      he probably, saved us all
      I was a radio operator, for alpha, battery, 2/32, arty., where sfc., Frangella, was a cook. On the night of the 17th, the 25th, inf., was pulling guard on our berm. About 3, am., we began to receive, heavy rocket and mortar fire. The inf., panicked and immediately, fled the berm leaving behind one, of their wounded and an unprotected, 107, recoilless rifle on our berm, which was now occupied, by charlie. While the rest of us, were figuring out what was happening, sfc., Frangella ran, to the east berm, alone and drove, charlie back down the other side, of the berm. He then, climbed up on top, of the recoilless position and was returning fire, when I, came out of my bunker. This page says, he died of multiple fragmentation wounds, but I say, he was shot in the head by a cover team for the sappers, that were trying, to blow our no., 2, ammo bunker, with an rpg.. He not, only kept that from happening, but he also, kept charlie from turning that 107, recoilless, around and killing us all. the reason they were able to kill him, was he had to lean out over the edge of his fighting position, to get a line of sight on that gook with the rpg., thus exposing himself, to their rifleman. It wasn’t, until we saw him roll down the hill, that we knew, what to do. we then took grenades and lobbed them, over the berm and drove them back, into the minefield. somebody, probably our capt., shot the gook, with the rpg. and killed him. but had it not been for sfc., frangella, holding them back at the cost of his own life, just long enough for us to get it together a lot of us, would have died. I would be dead. He knew, what he was doing, but in his mind he had no choice, there was no one else around and he had, to take the chance. He looked like anything, but a soldier, but he was, so fierce in combat, he drove back an entire sapper team, by himself. Like Jesus, cleansing the temple. I have now enjoyed 51, years of living, instead of the 17, it would have been, if not for you. May, I call you, Frank, now sarge? thanks, for putting yourself between a bunch, of frightened kids and certain death, Frank. Never again, have I witnessed, such, an awesome sight. How many of us, did you save, that night? For this I don’t need, the pope’s permission, for what saint has ever done more, than this? St. Frank

      I forgot. Both these men left behind 5 children each.

    • may lieng .hit them hard.lord what a night..GOD bless..Rick..

    • Barbara Dykes says

      I was not there but I watched it on TV and wished I was. Lost a friend in the useless Vietman war.He was the son of an Admiral at Pensacola FL Naval Base.He lasted only 2 weeks. Then one of my first boyfriends was drafted. He came back but had so much stress and fears from what he saw. A sad time in our history as JFK was assassinated and Johnson was too weak minded to know what to do.

  2. sande rose says

    Peace 2 U All ~ I am a 1st time user, therefore I am somewhat lost. I’d like to see & perhaps download parts (musical) that is on that movie sound tract. Will have to just go on exploring… Again ~ Peace ~ Ol’Ma

  3. André Hurter says

    I was a teenager of 17 when the Woodstock film hit the movies in South Africa around 1970/71. I saw it seven times and recall that Arlo Guthrie’s gig was just before intermission. I then bought the trebble album which I shattered to pieces carrying it under my shirt on my motor cycle hitting a street barrier. Today I am 58 years old and I have the CD which I very often play with Santana’s “Soul Sacrafice” , Ten Year After’s “I’m Going Home” , opening scene with Crosby Stills and Nash and Country Joe and the Fish’s “Rock and Soul Music” ranking amongs my favourites. My kids who are respectively 35 and 30 have also been exposed to the music but I firmly believe that the 60’s and Woodstock are indivisible and can only realy be appreciated as such and I say this being miles away from the US of A and the festival itself, but such is the impact and strenght of the festival and the music that it crossed borders all over the place, I believe. !!

  4. my war was vietman from 1967 to 1971 my wife use here to then wed marry

  5. I have assembled 13 hours 20 mins of live recorded material from the Woodstock Festival which can be heard in the right sequence here:

    I hope the link works ok!


  6. Richard Bryce says

    Anyone know what happened to the young man who was interviewed in the Woodstock film (shown before the Sha Na Na appearance in the film)? He seemed to be very bright and articulate, well-informed, and spoke eloquently about the youth of the day and his role in the world. It would be nice to know if he had (has?) a happy and meaningful life.

  7. I was at Woodstock last weekend with friends from London, We had the time of our lives the themed party was 18th centuary dress (White Rabbit), all the staff looked wonderful in their outfits and the MUSIC !! the line up was brilliant the crowd was excellant i met so many people. A big shout to Steef the owner a really nice chilled out guy who is living the dream and a big shout to Yvonne, class as always. I will be back next year for the 20th anniversay celebration. A top top night !

  8. suzycreamcheese says

    Yes…Yes…..Yes……nothing compares..absolute unbearable pleasure…freedom from all inner and outer restraints…a festival for the being ..ultimate joy…peace…. pleasure. Like seeing.. .hearing … feeling…smeling …tasting all the good at once. Enough said

  9. suzycreamcheese says

    You really had to be there.

  10. I love the 60’s , specially woodstock since I am a music lover.
    Any comment of an experience back then will be good for me.
    I was only 2 years old when that happened and obviously could not make it to the concert, but I have seen videos and photos.
    peace’n love to you all, brothers and sisters…

  11. My gosh what i would have done to experience woodstock. Im an 18 year old who is stuck in the wrong century. My mind is in the 60’s, i have such a hippie mind set my phone is filled with music from the 60’s and music about peace. id do anything to time travel back to woodstock 69. if there was anything that could even compare to that i would be the one to create it. peace and love to all. live free.

  12. I road my BSA 250 all the way from Mass. I got there on the first day ,and set up my army pup tent,I had with me a fifth of JD and a half ounce of good weed.My time
    there was nothing short of awsome…………….

  13. I don’t have a WordPress account. I’m under the impression there is a monthly fee for it. Could someone please add the following Jpeg scan to this page, or to one of the websites that keeps the flame of the 1969 festival?

    It’s a page from the May 20, 1970 edition of the Variety show business trade paper, page 3. It has evidence that many thousands of people saw the Woodstock movie in American cinemas during its first few weeks playing there in the spring of 1970. Note the headline for box office grosses in “Chi,” short for Chicago. “Woodstock” is part of the headline along with the word “wow” describing its gross in that city. To the right you see “Woodstock” on the list of movies playing in “Frisco,” short for San Francisco. It made a lot of money there, too.


    I can’t find any other web page that might post this Jpeg. I have no money to start a WordPress blog or to register a domain name. This is the only graphic I have for the festival. I didn’t attend it, nor did my parents. Please add this here or somewhere. Thanking you in advance. Email me at psgretna@yahoo.com

  14. DOG is a re cycled band that needed worked on in paychedelic rock thats now called “not dead yet’thay are fully thrained into a psychedelic rock band that starting out and new.Look up their website at,
    Need to open another cult generation in hippie movement,british invasion,summer of love,haight ashbury and monterey pop and woodstock by creating another cult generation in this decade.

  15. I am writing to you for the real hurt and your love for the men that wint to war in vetnam.sorry can’t spell right.have one arm.ok? I hated that war and hear I am alone .it is hard to take about it.but I can tell you that I lost a lot of friends and faith in that damed was.There was no need of it,it hurts to know to see and learn this war that happrend.we should not have not of been there.I reach out to my comrads that was with me. they are my brothers and part of me.I lived in the mud that we all did.I do not know what I can say now (but it hurts) to know this unforgetting war,I hope to take to some one that’s been there?May GOD bless.RICK

  16. Maddie Vest says

    I was at woodstock but I have pictures that I wrote the date on the back of. The dates say it was in July , 1969. Why does it publicize August 15th…. was I that high ????

    • Barbara Dykes says

      I remember it was a revolution of sorts as sung by my beloved Beatles. It was an era of Protest,Love,Sex and rock and roll.Then there were the body bags coming in on live TV every night.It was a blood bath and I pray we never have to experience again. My favorite song was “Where have all the flowers gone”

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